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animals bred in a home environment 

Based in Brent Knoll, we are experienced and fully accredited breeders of Abyssinian cats and chocolate Labrador Retrievers. 
All our animals are bred and reared in our home – initially animals are separate from each other and then integrate in their own time-frames.  
The house itself appears to have elastic seams at times - it is welcoming, active and chaotic but very friendly, all traits which are then adopted by our pets, pups & kittens who all appear very laid back and relaxed. This means they should come to you used to other animals and children, as well as doors, telephones, washing machines and vacuum cleaners amongst other items! 
Our Background 
Having spent many years in South Africa it seemed only fitting it was reflected in our KC (Kennel Club) and GCCF (Governing Council of the Cats Fancy) breeding prefix Marjanwa. The name conjuring up images of Africa, mythical tribes, dreams and wildlife. 
We've owned Labrador Retrievers for over 20 years and seriously bred them for 8 years, swiftly followed by showing then breeding Abyssinian cats. Our life was taken over by Mattand Dream Master (Bentley) and Demerera Dancer (Tiggy) both very dark old style chunky chocolate Labrador Retrievers and Catsmagic Almosa (Impi), our first usual Abyssinian cat. 
I was first introduced to the Abyssinian cats as a breed and as a pet in Africa; it was love at first sight, their mannerisms, range of colours, temperament, "cat"itude, mountain lion looks and often dog like qualities. 
We are actively involved with the Unusualabys Group and currently on the committee of the Abyssinian Cat Association as well as being members of the Cambria Cat Club and Bristol and District Cat Club. 
We have always had a passion for dogs and had Labradors for many years. After loosing a yellow lab at 15 years old, a replacement to fill his boots was an almost impossible task.  
So we decided to purchase a chocolate Labrador who was completely different, but fell in love with the breed all over again through the aquistion of Bentley. We are members of the West of England Labrador Retrievers Club, the Kennel Club and are accredited breeders. 
We are also able to offer a fantastic selection of pet crates, vet bedding and Dogmatic harnesses direct from UK manufacturers. 
"A Close Family" 
"A Kitten the Size of Tiggy's Paw" 
"Kitten and Two Dogs" 
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